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Our firm, Slater and Zurz has 40+ years of experience and has dealt with 30,000+ cases in family law matters.  Many of these cases have centered on divorce and dissolution issues. With our record of success, you can feel at ease about your future when dealing with divorce and dissolution related problems.

You’ll want the best legal assistance possible in Akron, Ohio and we have that knowledge to proceed with your divorce in the best possible way for you.

Child Custody and Related Issues

Do you have a divorce situation where children are involved? Child custody issues are a huge part of why many divorces take longer.  It is difficult when people split up as fights can ensure when one person believes they should have sole custody over the kids.

  • Custody and or child support
  • Child relocation
  • Child custody modification
  • Paternity
  • Other family and parental rights to child(ren)

Issues Surrounding Divorce and Dissolution

The division of assets, properties, monies, bank accounts, debts, pets, children, and child care—all of these issues need to be resolved or your case can drag on.  This is where heartache, stress, time, money ensue. We have you covered on these topics.  We know what needs to be dealt with and the parameters of the law that we need to adhere to.  If people don’t agree on issues, this is when the courtroom has to be involved.

Other Topics Surrounding a Divorce:

  • Spousal support
  • Division of property
  • Division of debt
  • Retirement benefits, pensions, health insurance
  • The current home

Mediated Divorce vs. a Collaborative Divorce

This is when a third party, such as an attorney who is a mediator can help both soon to be ex-spouses go through their problems and find solutions to each issue. Our firm can provide mediation sessions, but ultimately you need to know what you want before scheduling these.  This is more of a conversation between spouses.  Both spouses find agreeable terms regarding assets, children and other issues.  When issues are resolved the attorney or mediator puts them into legal action by having paperwork drawn up and signed, and files them to the court.  Once approved by the court, it is final.

In a collaborative divorce there are unsettled issues with your spouse.  You want to resolve these issues with without the law involved.  This is when you can file for a legal separation. You will later file a petition for divorce.

Do You Need Assistance through a Pending Divorce Situation?

If you have questions or are ready to go through the divorce process, contact Slater and Zurz at our Akron, Ohio location today.  You can call or email us through our site SlaterZurz.com.

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