Living Arrangements During an Ohio Divorce or Dissolution

Reasons Not To Move Out The first piece of advice I give to a person seeking consult about an Ohio divorce or dissolution with children is, “Do not move out”. If a divorce is filed by either you or your spouse, it is likely that temporary orders have or will be requested. A temporary orders hearing serves the purpose of determining how the parties are to act with and around one another, what … [Read more...]

Child Visitation Rights in Ohio for People Who Are Not The Parents

Are you a grandparent, relative, ex-stepparent, or other person who has had a continuing and beneficial relationship with a child? If so, the Ohio courts and legislature recognize the meaningful impact you can have in the development of young people. There are certain safeguards codified in the Ohio Revised Code (Ohio law) that will ensure that continuing relationship as long as it remains … [Read more...]

Children and an Ohio Divorce

When a parent contemplating a divorce calls our office for a free consultation with one of our domestic relations attorneys, most of the time the main concern is whether or not they will see their children ever again. The answer to this question is absolutely. Ohio Courts are not in the business of severing a relationship between parents unless the parent is not suitable to care for a minor … [Read more...]

Common Issues in an Ohio Divorce or Dissolution

A common sentiment among many people going through the divorce process is the observation that it is much much easier to enter into a marriage than it is to get out of one. Many people seem to be caught off guard by the complexity of the divorce process because they are not aware of all of the issues that need to be addressed before a Court with jurisdiction will actually grant a divorce. … [Read more...]

Calculating Support and Alimony During and After an Ohio Divorce

Many people pondering the difficult decision of divorce seem to be most worried about how they will support themselves and/or their children during the divorce process and after the divorce process has ended. The good news is that if you have been dependent on your spouse for financial support throughout the marriage, the Court will recognize this and may award you appropriate spousal support, … [Read more...]

What You Can and Can’t Do Before Filing for a Divorce

After a divorce is filed, all Ohio Courts issue what is called a mutual restraining order which prevents both parties from doing any of the following: 1. Harassing and annoying one another; 2. Cancelling insurance policies; 3. Taking the children out of the county; 4. Giving away or selling martial assets; 5. Changing beneficiaries; 6. Taking out credit cards in the other person name; 7. … [Read more...]

Weighing The Decision to Hire a Divorce Attorney

There's a long list of personal things to take into consideration before filing for a divorce or dissolution. There's also a lot to know when it comes to filing the right paperwork, where to file the paperwork, what the court procedures will be, how long it will take to finalize your divorce or dissolution, along with what and how Ohio laws relating to divorce apply to you. In addition and if … [Read more...]

Violation of a Court Order or Separation Agreement

Once the final decree of divorce is finalized and the difficult experience of divorce is in the rear view mirror, both parties are required to follow the orders of the court to a “T”. Many times, for one reason or another, an ex-spouse may violate the terms of the divorce decree. Violations of court orders can be egregious, such as refusal to pay spousal support as ordered, flat out denial of … [Read more...]

Information That Must Be Disclosed in a Divorce or Dissolution

If you believe your spouse is not being truthful about what he or she is doing with your marital funds, it is important that you discuss your options with an experienced attorney. The goal of Ohio's domestic relations court system is ensure that there is an equitable division of all assets that both parties acquired singly or jointly during the course of the marriage, with just a few … [Read more...]

How Much Time Will Be Spent in a Courtroom for a Divorce or a Dissolution?

Understandably, your time is very important to you. A common question asked by our clients at an initial consultation for a divorce or a dissolution is how much time they should devote to making appearances in court. Ultimately, the amount of time you will actually spend in the courtroom will vary depending on the complexity of your case. Amount of Time in Court for a Dissolution For a … [Read more...]

Dissolution & Divorce
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