How to Navigate Shared Parenting: Communication Tips & Strategies

Most judges favor custody arrangements that maximize a child’s contact with both parents. Overall the guide is always the “best interests of the child”, but barring situations of neglect or abuse, chances are you will be sharing custody with your ex in some form. Do you wonder how you will communicate about parenting when you couldn’t communicate during the marriage? Child custody agreements … [Read more...]

Child Support Q and A

Child support can be a very complicated area. While the state formulas can churn out numbers for the actual monthly payments, there are a lot of other issues that aren’t so black and white. It’s good to talk to your lawyer up front about the range of child support concerns that might develop in your situation. Depending on the age of your children, any specific plans you have for their schooling, … [Read more...]

Financial information important when divorcing in Summit County

If you have filed a complaint for divorce in Summit County (Ohio), or if you are the party against whom a divorce complaint has been filed, financial information supplied to the court and the other party will be a critically important part of the process. Do not misconstrue the previous statement to mean that money is the number one concern in a divorce.If you are undergoing a divorce, … [Read more...]

“Dual arrests” in domestic violence may hurt victims; New laws help with possible consequences

Police across the country have been making more arrests in domestic violence cases where BOTH parties wind up being arrested. In Ohio, these arrests are termed "dual arrests." A high number of "dual arrests" were being reported in the state of Connecticut, particularly in the past two years. The figure more than doubled the national average (NBC Connecticut Feb. 13, 2018). As a result, … [Read more...]

Tax Reform And Spousal Support: What You Need to Know in Ohio

If you are currently involved in a divorce or thinking about one, and a possible issue between you and your partner is likely to be spousal support (“alimony”), pay close attention to the new federal law on the subject. Here’s why. Due to the tax reform measures which Congress passed on Dec. 22, 2017 the laws concerning spousal support have changed. One Ohio attorney described it as “one of … [Read more...]

Grandparents’ Rights in Ohio Explained – Visitation and Custody

Grandparents often develop natural affinity with their grandchildren, even taking on vital duties in the grandchild’s life. This relationship may, however, undergo a change when one parent passes away, or when the grandchild’s parents obtain a divorce. In some cases, the father or mother who is awarded the child’s custody may try to curtail or even entirely deny any visit by the parents of … [Read more...]

Living Arrangements During an Ohio Divorce or Dissolution

Reasons Not To Move Out The first piece of advice I give to a person seeking consult about an Ohio divorce or dissolution with children is, “Do not move out”. If a divorce is filed by either you or your spouse, it is likely that temporary orders have or will be requested. A temporary orders hearing serves the purpose of determining how the parties are to act with and around one another, what … [Read more...]

Child Visitation Rights in Ohio for People Who Are Not The Parents

Are you a grandparent, relative, ex-stepparent, or other person who has had a continuing and beneficial relationship with a child? If so, the Ohio courts and legislature recognize the meaningful impact you can have in the development of young people. There are certain safeguards codified in the Ohio Revised Code (Ohio law) that will ensure that continuing relationship as long as it remains … [Read more...]

Children and an Ohio Divorce

When a parent contemplating a divorce calls our office for a free consultation with one of our domestic relations attorneys, most of the time the main concern is whether or not they will see their children ever again. The answer to this question is absolutely. Ohio Courts are not in the business of severing a relationship between parents unless the parent is not suitable to care for a minor … [Read more...]

Telling Your Children About Divorce

Divorcing couples sometimes become so focused on the issues between them that they almost forget about other members of the family and how the divorce may be seriously affecting them. Children, of course, are a very important part of the family. They need to be told what’s going on in a manner that is considerate and supportive. The website, Today's Parent (, defines three … [Read more...]

Dissolution & Divorce
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