Your First Time in a Divorce Court, What to Expect and What to Wear

If you have retained an attorney for a divorce and he or she has filed the appropriate Complaint for Divorce along with a Motion for Temporary Orders, your first hearing in divorce court will be for your Motion for Temporary Orders. When that day comes to appear in Court, many people wonder what they should expect and what they should wear.  Here's some general information to answer those … [Read more...]

What Will Happen To My Retirement Plan In My Divorce?

When a person is planning a divorce one of the questions that person has is: What will happen to my retirement plan when I get a divorce? Any type of retirement plan, pension and/or 401(K) is an asset subject to division by the domestic relations court regardless of how long the marriage or how long the person has been contributing to their retirement plan. The court will evaluate the value of … [Read more...]

Violation of a Court Order or Separation Agreement

Once the final decree of divorce is finalized and the difficult experience of divorce is in the rear view mirror, both parties are required to follow the orders of the court to a “T”. Many times, for one reason or another, an ex-spouse may violate the terms of the divorce decree. Violations of court orders can be egregious, such as refusal to pay spousal support as ordered, flat out denial of … [Read more...]

Information That Must Be Disclosed in a Divorce or Dissolution

If you believe your spouse is not being truthful about what he or she is doing with your marital funds, it is important that you discuss your options with an experienced attorney. The goal of Ohio's domestic relations court system is ensure that there is an equitable division of all assets that both parties acquired singly or jointly during the course of the marriage, with just a few … [Read more...]

How Long Do Divorced Parents Have To Pay For A Mistake in The Domestic Court System?

Like everyone else, parents are human and apt to make a mistake which may have an adverse impact on their parenting plan arrangements if they are subject to a domestic court order. For example, if a parent was to be charged with drunk driving while the minor children are in the car, in addition to the criminal implications, there may be an implication in the domestic relations arena as well. … [Read more...]

How Much Time Will Be Spent in a Courtroom for a Divorce or a Dissolution?

Understandably, your time is very important to you. A common question asked by our clients at an initial consultation for a divorce or a dissolution is how much time they should devote to making appearances in court. Ultimately, the amount of time you will actually spend in the courtroom will vary depending on the complexity of your case. Amount of Time in Court for a Dissolution For a … [Read more...]

How Long Will It Take To Get a Divorce or Dissolution in Ohio?

Although this seems like a simple question, unfortunately there is no simple answer.  There are many variables to be considered from the time you begin the divorce process to the time the final order is signed.  The biggest variables are: 1. Where you file your divorce (in what Ohio county).  Each county in Ohio has a different way of treating each divorce case and in some courts each judge … [Read more...]

Dissolution & Divorce
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