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Arielle Kaufman
Arielle Kaufman
16:03 30 Sep 18
I spoke with Randy lastnight at a wedding reception concerning some legal problems I have. He was very gracious and spoke to me about it and I will be contacting him in the near future to discuss the situation better. He was very informative and a very good listener. I appreciated it very much!read more
Kasey Kaser
Kasey Kaser
17:43 22 Aug 18
Contacted these guys after my husband's car accident. They were very helpful and keep in contact with you which is a major thing for us. We had fired his attorney and hired Attorney Buchanan. When he couldn't call us back his partner Randy did and that was a great experience. We met with Sean in person and everybody in the office was friendly and eager to help us out. Great costumes great team! more
Brandy Esposito
Brandy Esposito
14:10 21 Aug 18
I have never spoken with a more professional and caring staff. The legal professionals here address your problem(s)with authentic care and explain the best options available in your situation. The fees or rates are not even broached until after they have heard and reviewed your informarion. They will call you back quickly and let you know if they can realistically assist. Should I need legal assistance in the future, this will be my first and only choiceread more
Barbara Burtnett
Barbara Burtnett
18:58 27 Jul 18
Attorney Robert Horton was excellent! He handled our motorcycle accident claims when no other attorney would even take our case. We were very pleased with his services and he handled everything in a professional and timely manner. I would highly recommend him and will refer family and friends to him if they need an more
Charlie Thrash
Charlie Thrash
22:17 16 Jul 18
I had a simple question that they answered today. I used them 10 to 12 years ago for something I'm sure I don't want to remember. But they were great back then and very gracious with their time todayread more
Dontay Colvin
Dontay Colvin
21:16 22 Jun 18
Excellent group of Lawyers, ... immediately I received , compassion, and empathy when I discussed my case/claim even before I became an official client. Lawyers that offer this type of service is really hard to find these days... Once again this is a excellent Law Firm!!!!read more
Alexis Geary
Alexis Geary
21:10 20 Jun 18
The people here are extremely friendly and will bend over backwards to help you if they can. If they can’t help with your situation then they will help you find someone who can. Thank you Randy for talking with me and helping me more
jimmy brown
jimmy brown
18:58 15 Jun 18
I want to thank everyone for their professionalism. I have a hernia mesh case with them and every time I call they answer all my questions, doesn't matter how many I ask. When I leave a message they call right back. They treat me as valued more
Kathleen Robinson
Kathleen Robinson
22:32 04 Jun 18
I spent 30 minutes on the phone with a very intelligent, caring guy (I wish I could remember his name). I need to move on in my life but I am afraid to admit my marriage is failed. He walked me through it - like he gave me some vision about being in a better place. I'll definitely call him when I get everything more
imokhai okolo
imokhai okolo
15:24 18 May 18
I went online to their online chat feature. They responded immediately and put me right in contact with an attorney over the phone that walked through my entire case with me free of charge. They are more than willing to assist with any legal matter you have. Great and fast service!read more
Peggy Mares
Peggy Mares
13:21 26 Apr 18
These guys are awesome. I spoke with Randy today regarding an issue & wanted to see what my legal recourse was & he took the time to give me advice. I will definitely be keeping their number in my more
EDJ Jones
EDJ Jones
01:11 21 Apr 18
After speaking with multiple attorneys I called Slater & Zurz to get some information about how to dispute a traffic citation that I received. They actually gave me FREE legal advice!!! They genuinely care about helping people and are not just out to get your money. I would recommend them to anyone in need of a great lawyer who actually cares about helping the people they more
Benjamin Vue
Benjamin Vue
13:22 17 Apr 18
Slater & Zurz is an excellent firm. I was assisted by John Lynette. He was always on top of things and made sure to help protect my family and I. He's very easy to work with and easy to communicate with. I had gotten into two different auto accident. One being a hit and run, the other a car rear ended our van and totaled it. John helped my family in both cases to make sure we were taken care. The case where we got rear ended took kind of long is because the people that were at fault, their attorney took forever on their end, but John went above and beyond to talk to those other attorneys and got them to hurry up and settled our case quickly. Thank You John Lynette. Ben and Nouread more
Dana Pavlik
Dana Pavlik
22:26 12 Apr 18
Ever have your attorney call you back WITHIN 24 HOURS? I didn’t either! UNTIL these folks were hired. They even answer their phones!!! ????????. I was so shocked, at first, I was talking so fast to get it all out before I was cut off...THAT didn’t happen either! What what?? Really, these guys have YOUR best interest in mind from start to finish. I was impressed! Thanks Rob!!read more
Renea F
Renea F
23:07 11 Apr 18
Called them after I was in an accident with my son. We were both injured and they responded fast. When I called for an update they promptly responded. They were always quick to be courteous. And they got us great settlements ASAP. Fast, prompt, courteous and efficient. Great attorneys. Thank you!read more

Recent Facebook Reviews

Duane Thoroughgood
Duane Thoroughgood
Think the world of these guys
Mu Settles
Mu Settles
We hired Slater & Zurz because of they'er expertise in dog bites. Sean Buchanan was excellent, got us over $10,000 and taught that awful dog owner a more
Lynn Evans
Lynn Evans
They did such a great job on my sons dog bite case. The 1st firm I hired was terrible!! I won't mention any names (begins with a K). Slater & Zurz was exactly what I needed. more

Other Client Testimonials

“I highly recommend hiring Attorney Jeff Hawkins. Jeff is an outstanding lawyer that worked hard to make my divorce an easy, fair process. There are no winners in divorce, but I feel Jeff fought hard to successfully get me more than my fair share. When I first hired Jeff, I was overwhelmed with fears and anxiety over what to expect after filing for divorce. Jeff put those feelings to rest by assuring me that everything was in his hands; he told me to go be happy and live my life, if he needed something he would let me know. Jeff did handle everything and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”
– Sue W.

A New Client’s Reaction After Her Initial Consultation with Attorney Hawkins

“Jeff, It was good meeting you this morning. Thank you, as I felt exponentially more empowered as I left your office.” – D. P.

Solid Legal Representation and Support When You Need It

“I was looking for a Law Firm that would represent me in my case and after a few weeks of calling firms, Attorney Hawkins’ timely response and urgency to assist me made the situation easier to bare. My case was based on a child support and alimony matter that was more than my income. Mr. Hawkins was quick and professional in handling my case. In addition, he answered all emails and phone calls quickly and provided a detailed response to any question I had.

I was treated very professional and the firm never passed any judgment on me based on the situation of my case. I would recommend Slater & Zurz to anyone. I am also going to keep them in my email and in my telephone contacts so if I am ever in need of a Lawyer again I am contacting Attorney Hawkins.

Thank you Slater and Zurz!” – J. Broadus

“Where do I begin. I was going through one of the toughest issues I had ever experienced in my life….DIVORCE! When I was served with the divorce papers it was as though someone had just punched me so hard that I was in between the realm of being conscious and knocked out. I was numb to everything. I could not think straight. I couldn’t function. I was out of the house and I did not have a place to stay. How I got there I, still to this day, do not understand but if it wasn’t for the personal and professional care I received from the law office of Slater & Zurz, I truly do not believe that I would be the same person I am today.

I entered the law firm desperately confused, depressed and afraid of the unknown that was in my immediate future. I didn’t know what to do or where to begin but Rick (Zurz) and his staff guided me through it.

During our first meeting at his office, Rick assured me that, although this was my first time going through this, he and his staff had been through these legal proceedings thousands of times. I also remember that Rick told me to try and relax and let him do the worrying from now on. He told me what to expect through the process and how the process was going to unfold. It was so calming to know that I was not going through it alone and that I had a professional on my side to guide me. That alone meant more to me than anyone will ever know. If I had any questions or concerns, Rick was always there with either a new direction of thought, calming advice and at times, a joke to raise my spirits when I really needed it.

I don’t remember the exact phone conversation or which meeting it was but I do remember that I began to realize that I was going to be OK. The world as I knew it was changing but I was going to be changing with it. Today, I have a new relationship with a wonderful woman (as Rick told me I would find), my kids still love me very much (as Rick told me they would) and I am looking forward to a different but wonderful life.

Rick, thanks is not enough….you truly saved my life! You are a true friend.” – Joe Belloni

I was referred to Attorney Jeffrey Hawkins by another domestic relations lawyer, Chris Parker. Attorney Hawkins handled my divorce and I felt that I was treated fairly in the divorce. The outcome of my divorce was excellent, quick and relatively painless. I think that Jeff Hawkins is a great guy. I would recommend Mr. Hawkins to anyone going through a divorce.” – Ms. S. Brooke

“I was referred to Attorney Hawkins by my best friend, Kathy O’Neil. I respect my best friend and welcome her opinion. My experience with Jeff has been great. He helped me with my divorce and quit claim deed, along with other legal and business advice. I was treated very well. I know I can call Jeff for any legal advice I need. The outcome of my case was very fair. Still today Jeff is helping me and fighting for me and what I want and deserve. Thank you, Jeff.” – Andy McGaffick

“When I found myself in need of a lawyer to represent me through the dissolution of my marriage, I was referred to Rick Zurz by a friend who had worked in the legal field for years. From day one, Rick made me feel as though my case was personally important to him and that he was committed to a fair resolution on my behalf. It is always very clear that he had earned the respect of his peers and the legal community.

Divorce can be very emotional, but Rick was always available to talk through my concerns and issues as they arose. Even post divorce, Rick continues to be very supportive. Knowing that he will always be there has given me peace of mind.” – Susan Robinson Bauer

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to you and your kind and compassionate staff.

When one of my good friends recommended your firm to handle my divorce after a 29 year marriage, you and your staff immediately put me at ease.

I will admit that I was hesitate to believe that I needed counsel. You were professional in giving me the how, when, where, etc. of the big “D”. You were also very patient with me while staying on top of what was best for me, in spite of myself. Thank you.

Now that my divorce is final, and I am moving on in life, I am grateful to have been represented by the Slater & Zurz law firm. You can be sure that I will be eager to recommend you to my friends and family for all legal matters. thank you for all you have done.” – Cindy Cooper

“Dealing with a legal separation, as well as other legal challenges, is never easy. But I must say that having Richard Zurz as my attorney helped more than I could imagine. He was not only helpful with legal advice, he was sensitive and considerate of my situation. He always returned my calls promptly and efficiently. He took care of my legal matters in a timely fashion and he dealt with many of the details that I didn’t have the strength with which to deal. I truly appreciate his expertise as well as his kindness.” – Michelle Villalba

We Get Results When Others Don’t

“I would like to put in my two cents about my experience with Slater and Zurz Law Firm in Akron. I have had two different attorneys represent me in different matters all of which have been successfully resolved.

Attorney James Slater handled my auto accident injury claim. He was professional and no nonsense. There were times when I did not think I had any rights but he convinced me otherwise and a fair settlement was reached.

Attorney Jeff Hawkins was the attorney that James Slater referred me to about my divorce. Also, because of my marital issues I was unable to access my retirement income for over seven months. I was about to lose my home, my car and was unable to pay other bills until Attorney Jeff Hawkins took over my case. In a matter or what seemed like a couple of weeks, Mr. Hawkins had my divorce handled and all my retroactive back retirement pay was in the mail! He was a life saver as far as I’m concerned.

I had previously dealt with attorneys from other law firms one of which charged a tidy sum of money yet treated me like I was a nobody.

The attorneys at Slater and Zurz get RESULTS!! They are courteous and professional. I will always go back to Slater and Zurz for any legal issues I might have.” – Karen McGregor

We Take Immediate Action for Our Clients

“I needed a Lawyer and all I could think about was Walter Matthau playing Whiplash Willy in the movie Fortune Cookie.

I was served divorce papers and needed an Attorney to represent me in the proceedings. I interviewed three well respected Law Firms in Summit County. I went with Slater and Zurz because, they were the only firm to listen to my case and create a plan of how to handle my case immediately. Rick Zurz and his competent team have a no nonsense approach and I found that refreshing and that created immediate trust for me with the Law Firm Slater and Zurz.

Rick Zurz executed exactly what he proposed to me from our first meeting. He and his team know and understand the law and are prepared and are excellent working with the court system.

The Slater and Zurz team kept me informed of my case and I found them to be well respected by their peers. There are no winners in a Divorce but Slater and Zurz protected my children and my interests. They are the best kept secret in Ohio as a Top Notch Law Firm.”– Bill Miller

“I have had the pleasure of using Rick Zurz and his team at Slater of Zurz in my recent pass. Going through a divorce or legal matter is never an easy thing; however, they made the transition very easy for me. Rick Zurz and his team are not only highly knowledgeable; the support they provide goes beyond measure. I would most definitely return to them should the need arise and would also suggest them to anyone who asks.” – Stephanie Daves

We Help Clients With a Variety of Legal Issues

“I would like to commend the intelligence, professionalism and courtesy I received at Slater & Zurz Attorneys. I met Mr. Jeff Hawkins at a restaurant I was working at. I had Mr. Hawkins handle an auto accident, a divorce follow up and a personal matter. I was very satisfied with the way matters were handled. Mr. Hawkins and Mel were constantly in contact to follow up and inform me of my case. I would highly recommend Slater & Zurz for any legal case. I have them handling an estate case for my mother right now. I feel very confident they will handle at my case with my best interest with professionalism and knowledge I have been given the in past. Thank you Jeff Hawkins, Mel Hunter & Slater & Zurz.” – Mrs. Vicki Rarrick

We Make The Divorce Process Bearable

“Rick Zurz is a friend of my mother (Pam, the cookie lady) and I felt I could trust him to represent me better than anyone else. Your firm helped me with my divorce. I was treated professionally but still like family. Rick and the office staff were always very friendly. Going through a divorce is never an easy thing but knowing I had Rick and his team handling every aspect of my case made me feel at ease. He was very understanding and tentative to all my questions and concerns throughout the whole process. I am a client for life and I highly recommend Slater & Zurz, LLP.” – Vandi Dies

“Over the past 6 years, I have had the pleasure of working with your firm in several different legal matters. I was first introduced to the firm through a former client of yours. The outcome of my divorce was better than I would had hoped for. Mr. Zurz represented me in a professional way that will assure this firm in repeat business for myself and all persons I know seeking legal assistance. I was always treated with compassion to my problems not just another number. I was so impressed with my outcome that I have sent several friends to seek help from your firm. At this time I wish to thank Richard Zurz for making an unpleasant divorce more bearable.” – Robert E. Schleper Sr.

“I was told Rick V. Zurz was the best attorney for my necessity. Fifteen years ago, Mr. Zurz helped me through a nasty divorce. Since then he continues to provide legal advise on an ongoing basis as needed from time to time. He has always greeted me in a professional manner. At the time of my divorce, it was devastating. As I look back it was bearable enough for me to move forward with my life. If Mr. Zurz would not have been thorough in explaining the legal process, as well as how the law is applied to the situation, financially it could have been a lot worse.

I have always been impressed with the legal and practical knowledge of Mr. Zurz, and his staff have consistently provided.” – John Padula

Help with Child Custody and Child Support Issues

“I highly recommend Jeff Hawkins and the law firm of Slater & Zurz. I ran into a problem with a child custody issue that I needed help with quickly and Jeff delivered.

I had to temporarily relocate to another state and my former husband tried to stop me from taking our two sons with me. My former husband also made it difficult for me to seek legal help from an attorney in the small town in which I live since he was engaging all the area attorneys with his legal issues and they could not represent me due to a conflict of interest. Fortunately, I found Jeff Hawkins and the law firm of Slater & Zurz via an internet search and saw his extensive experience in Hancock and neighboring counties. I emailed Jeff and he immediately responded. We talked on the telephone and he explained all my legal rights and options. He also explained his familiarity and experience with the county court system in my area. He knew what judge would be handling my case and he knew what legal issues and case law the judge would focus on.

Based on that conversation, I hired Jeff and he went to work on my behalf. It calmed my nerves and anxieties knowing I had Jeff on my side and would not be intimidated by my former husband and his lawyers any longer. My case went to a hearing in front of the judge Jeff said it would be handled by and it was clear to me from the start that Jeff was the better prepared attorney. To make a long story short, the judge ruled in my favor at the hearing and allowed me to relocate immediately with my two sons. Not only did Jeff help me prevail in this case, it also sent a message to my former spouse to be more reasonable and cooperative in the future.

Thank you Jeff for all your help!” – Michelle L.

“I found Slater & Zurz on an internet search and after speaking
to Jeff, felt quite comfortable with him representing me. He was very
professional and knowledgable. My experience overall was great. Questions were answered in a timely manner and everything was done as quickly as possible (much faster than I anticipated in most cases). It worked out exactly as I had hoped. I ended up getting more time with my son and it was fairly quick and painless.”
– Bill S.

“I was highly satisfied with my past legal representation by Mr. Richard Zurz and the law firm Slater & Zurz. He came to me highly recommended many years ago in the beginning phase of establishing my business. When it came to needing legal representation for a personal matter, I had no doubt he would be able to handle my case, and maintained his professional demeanor at all times during my legal course. I was also satisfied with the attorney fees.

My case was lengthy and involved keeping my child support payments within reason. We were successful in obtaining that goal. Your firm always treated me courteously, and kept me well advised of changes to my case and my representation.

The outcome was kept in an honest manner and charged appropriately. I never felt like I was being treated unfairly by your group and would willingly use them if ever needed again.”– Paul Lucas

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