Divorce Attorney Jeff Hawkins

Ohio Divorce Attorney Jeff Hawkins

Attorney Jeff Hawkins

Hello, my name is Jeff Hawkins. I would like to thank you for your interest in having my law firm assist you.

My legal practice is focused on domestic relations law which includes divorces, dissolutions, legal separations, annulments, child support, spousal support, child custody, child visitation, grandparent rights and similar types of family law issues. I’ve included a comprehensive list of my practice related to domestic relations law below.

I’ve been an attorney for almost 30 years and have helped hundreds of people with all kinds of domestic relations matters. That type of experience is extremely important in the practice of domestic relations law for many reasons. The most important reason is it’s an advantage for my clients and offers them a realistic outcome for their case.

Divorces and dissolutions are emotional by nature and they cause a lot of uncertainty and anxiety for the people involved. When you are planning on entering into a divorce or dissolution, the best piece of advice I could give you is to surround yourself with people who are objective, informed, fair, level-headed and not emotionally attached to your situation. Why is that? Because that is how the Court will handle your case.

These are also important qualities I offer you – objectivity and thorough knowledge of the various County Domestic Court systems located in northeast Ohio. These Courts are familiar with me and respect the way I represent my clients.

What I Can Do For You

After 30 years of experience, I can provide you with the critical information you will need and set realistic expectations of what your outcome will be based on the law and my knowledge of the Court systems throughout northeast Ohio.

If you hire me as your attorney to represent you in a domestic relations matter, I will use my three decades of legal experience to deliver you an outcome that serves your best interests.

If you are being treated unfairly in the eyes of the law, I’ll put a stop to it and make sure you are treated properly. I will also do everything I can to make sure your future best interests are served and protected.

Domestic relations matters can be extremely overwhelming if you are not familiar with the laws and procedures that apply to your case. In addition, you must have a complete understanding of the nuances and requirements associated with each County’s Domestic Relations Court system. I know the laws, I know the rules and I know how to handle domestic relations cases in all of the County Domestic Relations Court systems throughout northeast Ohio.

I welcome you to contact me anytime to discuss your case. I can be reached by calling my office telephone number of 330-762-0700 or you can email me directly at jhawkins@slaterzurz.com. I also have an assistant who takes calls on my behalf. His name is James Luna and he makes himself available to people at all times including evenings, weekends and holidays. You can reach James via cell at 330-634-4567 or via email at jluna@slaterzurz.com. If you have an emergency James can reach me at all times.

All conversations you have with me or anyone on my staff are kept strictly private and confidential regardless of whether you are a client of mine or not. I fully understand how sensitive domestic relations matters are and we will always be committed to respecting your privacy.

Costs for My Legal Services

Ohio attorneys Jeff Hawkins with Rick Zurz and Jim Slater

Jeff Hawkins, Rick Zurz and Jim Slater

Every domestic relations matter is unique and different. Therefore, it would be impossible for me to provide any type of cost estimate without speaking with you first to learn about your case. After we do talk, I will be able to provide you with additional details with regards to cost.

I also recognize how a domestic relations matter can strain your personal finances. I do everything I can to work with clients when it comes to my legal fees. I accept credit cards and am willing to arrange payment plans to assist you.

With every client I represent and every case I handle, it’s always my personal goal to achieve our objectives as quickly and as efficiently as possible. It will never be my intent to drag out an issue.

A Few Words About Me

I’m originally from Birmingham, Michigan just outside of Detroit. I attended the Ohio State University for two years and graduated from Youngstown State University with degrees in Economics and Political Science. I received my law degree from Ohio Northern University, Pettit College of Law.

Jeff Hawkins Silas Pisani and Rick Zurz

Jeff Hawkins, Silas Pisani and Rick Zurz

My father’s dream was to become an attorney and that’s what really sparked my interest. He had attended Harvard Law School but answered the call of World War II and joined the U.S. Army. He was never able to finish his legal education. While a part of me wanted to fulfill my father’s dreams, my legal practice is so much more than that. It’s about helping my clients make their lives better using my legal skills and experience.

My Credentials

Admitted to Ohio State Bar, 1987
Admitted to U.S. District Court Northern District of Ohio, 1996
Youngstown State University, 1983
Ohio Northern University, Pettit College of Law 1987
Member, Ohio State Bar Association
Member, Akron Bar Association
Member, Findlay / Hancock County Bar Association

Northeast Ohio Court Systems Where I Practice

Summit County, Ohio Domestic Relations Court
Stark County, Ohio Domestic Relations Court
Medina County, Ohio Domestic Relations Court
Portage County, Ohio Domestic Relations Court
Cuyahoga County, Ohio Domestic Relations Court
Trumbull County, Ohio Domestic Relations Court
Geauga County, Ohio Domestic Relations Court
Mahoning County, Ohio Domestic Relations Court
Wayne County, Ohio Domestic Relations Court
Ashland County, Ohio Domestic Relations Court
Holmes County, Ohio Domestic Relations Court

Practice Areas of Ohio Domestic Relations Law

Military Divorce
Legal Separations
Child Custody
Child Support
Child Visitation
Parental Rights and Responsibilities
Spousal Support (Alimony)
Enforcement Actions
Civil Protection Orders
Grandparent Rights
Prenuptial Agreements
Domestic Violence

Dissolution & Divorce
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