Paying for DivorceOne of the major concerns for someone who has either been served with divorce papers or is contemplating terminating their marriage is how are they going to pay for their divorce. Lawyers do not work for free and as such, they expect to be compensated for their time.

Under no circumstances is an attorney allowed to enter into a contingent fee arrangement with their client.

Types of Fee Arrangements

There are two types of fees in a domestic relations matter.

The first is what is termed as a flat fee. A flat fee means that a lawyer is going to accept a sum certain for their services and agree not to charge over that fee once it’s paid.

The other type of fee is a retainer. A retainer is a payment to a lawyer which a lawyer is required to place in their trust account and not pay themselves until the fee is earned. Once the retainer is exhausted, most lawyers send a bill reflecting what the balance due is after the exhaustion of the retainer. Some attorneys have fee agreements that require a party to pay a new retainer once the initial retainer has been exhausted.

There are also costs associated with litigating a divorce besides legal fees. The initial cost is the filing fee. Each clerk of courts in Ohio has a different amount which they require to file for a divorce or to file a dissolution. Most courts differentiate between a divorce/dissolution without children and a divorce/dissolution with children. A divorce/dissolution with children filing fee is normally higher than a divorce/dissolution filing fee without children.

Contact Us To Discuss Payment Options

We accept  payments towards a flat fee or a retainer. However, we will not be able to commence work on your case until the fee is paid in full or payment options are finalized.  We also accept credit cards and debit cards as a form of payment.

If you are planning a divorce or have been served divorce papers and need legal assistance, please contact us for a free consultation to discuss the details associated with your divorce including paying for the divorce and payment options available to you.

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